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The agency is founded in 1991 by Michel Reculez, business and “à la carte” travel consultant.

Eagle Travel Consultant moves to Watermael-Boitsfort, near a main entry point to the capital, and easily accessible.

Initially, the agency holds two employees and is geared towards tailor-made travel, for private customers as well as business people.

The agency receives a Type A travel licence, IATA licence and becomes affiliated with the travel Guarantee Fund, that ensures an insolvency protection for the benefit of the clients.

Right from the start, the agency has a state of the art computer system to view availability and negotiated rates with airlines, hotels, trains, car rentals... at any given time.

Since its inception, Eagle Travel has developed and maintained its relationships with local correspondents across the globe. Thanks to this network and regular travel designer trips, the agency creates numerous customised trips and discover beautiful hidden little gems.

In 1997, David Reculez, legal expert by training and keen traveller, joins the agency and develops the Group and Incentive Department.

In 2004, the team moves to number 192, Chaussée de la Hulpe, in a former warehouse, fully renovated and designed to accommodate our clients in a comfortable and bright setting.

In 2006, it’s Julien Reculez' turn, a journalism major, to reinforce the troops with his organisational talent.

In 2011, Eagle Travel celebrates its 20th Birthday..

In 2012, Ad Hoc Sailing and Phillippe Hanin, figurehead in the sailing world, join the team and offer a new way of travelling with their cruises.

In January 2017, it’s Laurent de Rosée’s turn to join the management team, taking over incentive and group travels.

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